to Stephen Gatsinzi:


I am a man in between 45-50 years, I was in RUBONA sector in RWAMAGANA district; I am a Muslim residing near MUGESERA lake, I am married, with children.


As we were taught by our religion not to be involved in political parties because their discrimination against us as Muslims. Before the genocide,
we had little respect for political parties. They were characterized by bad things; thus we were not allowed to participate in those political parties.
We used to wonder why they rejected us. And some times we asked ourselves, if we were rejected because we refused to get invoved in the MRND, but we were still disappointed.

After the death of President HABYARIMANA in 1994, immediately the genocide started in our area. Due to the fact that we were told not to harm people, very many people vacated coming to our mosque. On that first night we started to protect those people (the Tutsis) and we started providing food to eat. So the killers then started to attack us in efforts to kill those people. We started to divide ourselves into groups so that we could protect those people. We believe in our religion that if there is a reason to a person to die they should die but there was was no reason why they should die. The Quran says, if you kill a person, you must be killed also. The killers used to tell us that Tutsis were dangerous and deserved to die thus they should be killed.

When we used our boats to try to bring Tutsis from GISIKA across the lake we  were attacked. The first attack started on the 08th of April (1994) , it was a large force of many soldiers and police with guns, axes and other many weapons but we were able to defend ourselves. The leader of our mosque told us that they will kill the Tutsis after killing us. They used a lot of guns and after they called our mosque leader to see whether we will surrender and give them the Tutsis to be killed. They explained to him that they want to kill only Tutsis, but not Muslims, promising that they would not kill us Muslim fighters. Our leader asked them why they wanted to kill the Tutsis and the answer they gave was because it was the law that had to be obeyed. Then our leader returned and told us to get ready with our weapons for another attack. Then he went back to the killers and told them they would not allow them to murder the Tutsis. Then they told us that we would all be killed. The attack began at 08:00am we fought with them up to 17:00pm. That is when we were defeated and we started to escape into a swampy area. We were with our wives and children hid in that swampy area.  Most of those who remained in the mosque were killed with many grenades’ and many other different, local weapons. We came back after time passed to see whether there were some who were still alive so that we could assist them. Very many people died there, including Hutus. On the 2nd day we started to bury dead bodies; very many had dived and died in river and  many others later killed themselves.



One Response to “Rwangabo Yusufu”

  1. Martin Rutagarama Says:

    warakoze gukiza abantu muvandimwe gusa nubusanzwe abayisiramu barangwa numutima mwiza. iyo urebye idini ya gatorika niyo yafatanyije ninterahamwe maze bamara abatutsi dore isengero zabo zose zabaye inyibutso.

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