One of the many Hutus who refused to participate in the violent attacks on Tutsis was a man named Kabera Oswald He was 52 years of age and residing in Muhanga district formerly known as Gitarama in the western province of Rwanda. His village was called Karutsindu. As he testified he rescued a young girl whose name is Ciara as the interahamwe were running after so that they can kill her during 1994.

Kabera’s wife was killed during an exchange of gunfire between the regular government forces of past regime and the Rwandan Patriotic Front (R.P.F) He was left to care for his five children. In March and in April 1994 when the killings were at high rate that is when he started moving to different parts of the country.

Kabera said that was when Ciara and her brother came to his home. They were Tutsis so he had to decide whether to hide them from the interahamwe. They had fled  from their village Kabuga and they had nowhere to hide.

“Immediately I welcomed them to my house and started hiding them together with us.”  The story he made up to deceive the interahamwe that those children were from his brother who was a bit far from where he stayed in village Gatovu. “It was good enough I convinced them to the extent that they accepted although they insisted on coming day and night but again I had warned my children not to mention any thing concerning the other children that were under my protection.”

“The reason as to why they accepted that those children were from my brother it is because they didn’t know them and as a result of that they could move away and again I could convince other groups as I had to the first one.
Another good thing that helped us most around our home we had a neighbor who was a soldier with the rank of captain who had deployed soldiers to protect their wives because they were Tutsis so the interahamwe could fear that place due to the fact that they might be killed by the captain’s soldiers.
Generally in our area many people survived because they didn’t suspect that Tutsis and  Hutus who refused to cooperate with the killers were hiding in the area.”
“It was in my heart to hide them because I was against those who were killing others. Another thing I was that I knew their parents and they were good friends and neighbors to my brother although I tried to hide others whose families I was not aware of.
Then time came when the war came to an end and we had to go back to our home village and the aunt to Ciara came to me requesting me to give her Ciara and stay together because I knew her then I decided to let her go with her aunt. Her aunt appreciated me for having managed to rescue Ciara and she promised to be helping me where I need a help.
After the war Ciara went to school and she used to visit me and actually I consider her as my daughter and during the war it was hard for some body to realize that she was not my daughter simply because I loved her like any child due to the fact that I used to punish my daughters and sons who tried to fight her as you know children normally quarrel at home.
Feeding was not a problem simply because I had harvested a lot of beans and more crops so we were able to get what to eat and during that time no one died as a result of failure to get what to eat.”

Gacaca courts has solved many cases very well without injustice due to the fact that I normally attend Gacaca courts and those who are found guilty are imprisoned and those who are not guilty are released.
Unity and reconciliation has been reached on by Rwandans unless those with bad hearts with no love for their Rwandan and a country in general.
The reason Rwanda has joined East African community, many cooperatives have been established so that Rwandans should work together to achieve good standards of living.

Schools have been set up allowing all Rwandan children to go and gain knowledge with out discriminating either Tutsi or Hutu hence concluding that unity and reconciliation has been achieved due to the fact that those who killed and ask forgiveness have been forgiven by their fellows which is not easy thing to settle once again with some one who killed your relatives but with Rwandan people have managed to reach this level.

Government is trying to deal with those who are against unity through educating them and punishments as well to avoid criminal cases especially to survivors

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