My name is Bizimungu Mubarak but I was nicknamed Rukushu (Hutu).
The genocide started when I was at Kicukiro at my home place. It was at night when I heard bullets outside but I didn’t go outside to find out what was going on until early in the morning when I tried to look through the windows.
At my home I had a young man by the name of Charles who was nicknamed Mututsi. When I asked him what was happening outside he told me he didn’t know either, only that there was a volley of gunshots and that he saw military vehicles.
Near my house there was Kiosque and with a telephone booth inside it, so I tried to break into it and started calling my family members in order to know if they were still alive. But in that kiosque I could only see soldiers moving towards a man called Kanyarwanda’s place and also to another place of a man called Inyasi. I knew both were Tutsis.
Immediately I heard shootings and to me, I thought they were intimidating them so as to get money. But I didn’t think they had killed them. When the soldiers left I went to Nyasi’s place to see what had happened to them. Oh my God, they had killed them and there was a lot of blood flowing on the ground!
After realizing what was happening  I went back, but before reaching home I found Inyasi’s housegirl with three children asking for help, trying to hide them in some neighboring families homes, but no help was given. Instead she was chased away.
It’s from this point that I started to hide people. I asked her to go with me to my house. There was another man by the name of Innocent who had a Tutsi wife. They were my neighbors. After few minutes the Interahamwe (militia) came to his place in order to kill his wife and in order not to kill her they demanded money from  Innocent. He couldn’t afford enough at the time so he came to me asking to lend him forty thousand francs. Good enough;  I gave him the money to save his wife.
Immediately after their departure he came to me again and said please allow me to bring my wife to your family otherwise they will come back and kill her again because I will have no money to give them. I accepted and she stayed with me.
After that, there was another woman called Genevieve who had restaurant where I used to go for food and even park my vehicle at night. I saw her with another woman walking with three children moving towards the roadblock of Interhamwe.  I stopped them and ordered her to go to my home simply because they were going to be killed immediately because they were all Tutsis.
Now the trick I used is that I used to move with my pang and this helped me so much in rescuing people simply because the Interahamwe militia thought I was killing or doing the same job they were doing.
I remember some Interahamwe known as Damien, Benya, and and others who came and said to me that there’s one family of Gerald which is remaining and they wanted to go and kill them so I told them that” Are you talking of Gerald’s family? I killed them and there’s no need for you to go there because they are dead but in actual sense I was deceiving them and after convincing them I planned how to rescue Gerald because he was a good friend of mine and I knew him very well. So I went to his place with the man I told you about, Charles ( Mututsi) to Gerald’s home and on seeing me with my pang he said that I know you have come to kill me but make sure you do it very fast and I die immediately.
I told him that he was my friend and I did come here to kill you but try to help. I said we had to move from this place otherwise they will come for you. I gave him a long coat and took him to my house, it was big with many rooms and later I went to pick the children and wife and took them to different place, the home of a   pastor’s called Jonathan to avoid hiding them all in one place.

Gerald was in my house and I provided him with a basin that he used as a toilet simply because he couldn’t move outside and I could take wastes out and then return it to him. Before long there were many almost one hundred of them! I could provide food to all of the people who were in my house. It was not easy but there was enough because I was working with the World Food Program before the genocide and I had sacks of food that were stored there.
The time came when Hutu leaders distributed guns to Hutus all over the area and I was given one but I didn’t know how to use it. But I pretended as if I had been trained because my job was as a driver transporting goods from Kenya to Rwanda.
I was doing all this because I believe it was God’s power that was inspiring me and giving me strength. The situation was terrible and humiliating but time came when I could not hide more people in my house but instead I started directing them to where R.P.F had reached so that they could be rescued. This is because they had captured some areas and not far from where we were staying at the time but I had to use tricks so that soldiers on R.P.F side would not shoot them. So I ordered them to remove all their clothes and move naked towards them and rise up their hands and this method helped us because many people were rescued by R.P.F soldiers and those who were being rescued requested the soldiers to come and help me because I had many people in my house especially the Tutsis. By this time the Interahamwe had suspected me of hiding the Tutsis and they were planning to come and kill them and maybe me.
Many people did fall sick but it was not easy to get medicine for them. The only chance was because near my place there were pharmacies and clinics where I used to get tablets and other medical facilities. I could do that even though I was not a doctor but I could read and understand the instructions and then provide medicine to the sick people.
Because I am myself a Hutu, I was scared of the R.P.F soldiers and I thought they might kill me even though I had been sending people to the Rwanda Patriotic Front. I decided to move to the Militia but learned they had planned to kill me simply because they had known that I hid the Tutsis and that at the same time collaborating with R.P.F. Among the militia ( Interahamwe) I had a friend who came and informed me what they had planned to do against me. But I had the gun and the majority feared me because I was energetic and strong. Still, I started to panic because my life was in danger. The militia came and requested me to give them my gun so that they could go for operations. I had no alternative, I had to hand it over to them, so the next step was to be killed but due to thank God almighty immediately thereafter, the R.P.F started shooting towards us and we got scattered and then I got away and escaped from them.

In the process of escaping I managed to get to Kigali city and got a vehicle. Then I went to Gisenyi where I used to get Irish potatoes and moved in with the lady who was the owner of vehicle I was driving. While at Gisenyi, a Hutu man hired my vehicle to go and pick up his people who were in Gitarama and take them to Gisenyi. Immediately I went to Gitarama and told the family to get prepared and we went to Gisenyi but near there I found two beautiful Tutsis girls who requested me to help them simply because they were likely to be killed. I hesitated but as did an old man came near me and said please, you better help them because once you leave them here they will be killed and God would want you to do this. So I decided to make that decision. But then the family that I had came to pick didn’t want me to take them. I told them that please I will take them and if you don’t want to, get out of this vehicle and I will instead take only these two girls. So then they accepted and I took them on the road to Gisenyi. But on our way, close to Ngororero, I knew there was a roadblock and for sure they would be killed. It was dark so I decided to rent a house for one week but my plan was to quickly come and take them away from that place. When we reached Gisenyi I came back for those young girls and took them to Goma simply because they had told me they had relatives who had gone there.
Then from Goma I went to Kenya to continue with my job for transporting goods, as I was entering Uganda I was captured by some Rwandese soldiers for Rwanda patriotic front (R.P.F) since they had a base in that country so I was brought back to Rwanda due to the fact that they suspected that I had participated in the genocide. I was imprisoned and investigations were done and they realized that I had rescued many people. Immediately I was released.
My wife, who was a Tutsi, was killed on her way to Cyangugu and only my children survived. Much later I remarried another woman..
On Gacaca?
According to me and many other Rwandans, Gacaca is very good and important because it has solved many cases where by those who killed can be easily identified by villagers. For my part I promised to testify about all that I knew had happened and report those who participated in the killing of innocent people.
On the security issue, I have met different people trying to intimidate me, saying that they will kill me because of having reported their relatives. But I have assured them that I will not be intimidated at all due to the fact that what they did was against humanity. But I have tried to inform the authorities about my security situation and I am sure we will be protected.

On Reconciliation?.
It’s not all easy but when you consider where we are today the government has done a lot and Rwandans are looking towards the development of their county rather than getting revenge

According to the researchers, in concluding this interview, Bizimungu Mubarak told them that he has a list of about seventy people who he rescued,  although he claimed that he had rescued even more than seventy.

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