Brief stories gathered in 2007 interviews

Victor Munyakanage

Victor was a teacher in Rubona, Butare. Victor claimed that he saved Tutsis during the genocide. He was later accused of divisionism, but said that in his house he had (and has) two living rooms, one for Tutsis and one for Hutus. Others wanted to save him by saying that he was their children’s teacher. His legal status was uncertain at the time he was interviewed for this project. A minister of Plan Ngirabatnare said that they had to wait until they got more information
Victor recalled that on the 6th of April (1994) there were many rumors after Habyarimana’s plane was shot down. In Gisenyi, people started to say that the Tutsis had poisoned the water system. This story was spread by a vehicle with loudspeaker. Many fled to Goma, the neighboring city across the border in Congo. The traffic with people trying to flee was very heavy during those days. Victor said “I was helped by the 2 men called Charles and Adois.
(Interview was conducted in Gizenye on 5 March, 2007)

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