My name is MWITAKUZE Felicite, I am a farmer and I had a son who was in seminary in 1994. My family rescued Christine a young girl aged 7 years. My son NTIRENGANYA was in seminary with MUTIMURA, Christine’s brother. When the genocide began in April of 1994, NTIRENGANYA brought Christine to our home. He told us to protect her. He saw her going to the church where Tutsis looked for assistance. Christine is from Gitarama, she was on holidays at her aunt’s house when the genocide began. She fled when the Interahamwe were killing her aunt’s family. When my son took Christine into our home, he told his father to say that Christine is MUTIMURA’s sister and that we had to protect her. The Interahamwe came many times at home saying they wanted Christine but we refused, arguing that she was our daughter. They came back many times. My son, who was in the government army, came to pay us a visit. He told them that Christine was his daughter. He frightened them, saying if they killed her, he would kill them too. He assured her security to the chief of the local Interahamwe. He told us to let Christine play with other children outside because she had been hidden in the sleeping room since she arrived at our home. We knew that it was dangerous to protect her but we had to, because they were our friends. We had no fear; we prayed day and night. We also fed a woman who was in a nearby hiding place. Thanks to God RPF soldiers came at the end or the Interahamwe would have killed us all. We fled to Congo (ex-Zaire) with Christine. Unfortunately NTIRENGANYA was killed at Gisenyi, after being accused of being a Tutsi. We hope that NTIRENGANYA and MUTIMURA are in heaven, they were true friends; they loved each other.

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