A nurse in the hospital in Kibuye near Kivu Lake saved a 14 year old boy during the genocide. The boy, named Innocent, lost most of his family

xNurse Gitabita in Kibuye

Gitabita Nyirantaba was a nurse in the hospital in Kibuye. Many Tutsis there were raped and killed by interhamwe thugs. When she saw Innocent Ndamyina Gisanura being tortured near the hospital she courageously intervened to stop the Interahamwe who were planning to kill him. Gitabita did not know Innocent but she was determined to save him. In trying to nurse Innocent back to health she had to compete with others who tried to kill him. Gitabita was a 45-50 year old mother when she saved Innocent. Innocent’s story of his struggle to survive was described (along with 26 other stories) in a book “We Survived” published by the Aegis Trust in the United Kingdom. He was interviewed for this blog in August, 2008.

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