My name is SEBURIKOKO Alloys. I am a resident of Kamabuye Sector and I am 70 years old. The Genocide of 1994 against the Tutsis started when I was here in Bugesera but some of this had started during Kayibanda’s regime when they treated us the way they wanted up to 1994.

During that period there was a refugee camp for the Burundians but there was a man by the name of Minani Rusimbi and he was really Interahamwe who used to tell the Interahamwe of Banyarwanda that if you don’t know how to kill, try to show me the Tutsi and I will show you how and when. It was on 09/04/09 the day of Saturday that they began to attack us but somebody had warned us not to stay in our houses that night because they (Interahamwe) would be coming after us.

In that evening I started milking early and after finishing I told my wife to lift up the children. There were two a girl and a boy. I mostly feared for my young girl due to the fact that they could kill girls in a terrible ways. every Tutsi had almost Ten men of Interahamwe for spying for whatever we were doing. As i had gone outside trying to do something, when I came back in the house my wife had escaped with the children so I decided to seek for a hide in the bush a round then I found a man by the name of Ananias taking a refugee with in few minutes Rutaganira also came and found us there near the Road. Within few minutes we heard soldiers shooting but it was a sign informing the Interahamwe to start killing the Tutsi. They started from Rutaganira and then went to Ananias and took all of his goats and other property in his house. When they reached my home they started shouting my name so they could find me if I would respond. I did not reply so they then kicked down the door. My cows got scared but they did not harm them but they looted many hens and goats — almost twenty goats and a good number of hens that I lost.

I know very well those who got involved in the killings but most of them escaped and went away and I don’t know where they all went. Some Interahamwe went to Modeste  and found him reading his book but they did not kill him but took all his property and then killed him the next day because for him he refused to hide himself saying to let them do what they want to do because they searched for a very long period and let them finish their ambitions. Those were his words when I told him to go with me in the bush. I went back in the bush but all my friends had gone and I remained alone but tried to call them quietly. Eventually I heard my daughter asking are you really my father? I replied yes I am your father and I lifted her hand. Then I went on searching for others but failed to get them and it was approaching morning hours. I still did fear that they might kill my daughter in front of me because they could rape them first before they kill them, so I decided to take her to Burundi and then come back searching for the her mother and my son but she said that I can’t go without my mother. Finally she agreed to go with me. Because of God’s mercy it rained so it was possible to sneak away while Interahamwe were slaughtering cows for a man by the name of SEBUSUMBA due to the desire of meat, this helped me to trespass on the road but with no idea of where my friends were. Some had escaped and joined RPF (F.P.R) I continued in the forest I removed my shoes to avoid the sounds and I was injured. When we returned from the refugee camp somebody told me where they had buried neighbors with Mr. Modeste. He and his wife had been buried in one place.

I went on asking about my son not until I got to know that he was taken by a driver who was working for Red Cross. All of my other relatives, brothers and sisters were massacred. Here in Bugesera we suffered a lot and we have had no organizations to help those of us who survived the genocide against the Tutsi. All that happened to us was due to government leaders because the Tutsis were called “snakes”. The genocide of the Tutsi started with Kayibanda’s regime and continued with Habyarimana.

Unity and reconciliation is seen with Rwandans because we share even though they are some few people who still show no signs of reconciling.
Gacaca helped to solve many cases of those who killed the Tutsi during 1994 genocide. Many were judged and given punishment and many more cases will be judged for those who are not yet back but participated in the Genocide. Their cases will also be taken into consideration.

2 Responses to “Seburikoko Alloys of Kambuye sector of Bugesera”

  1. NDUGU PAUL Says:

    Nitwa ndugu Paul nkaba ntuye kibuye nabonye urubuga rwanyu ndishima cyane, kuko byarafashije kandi nanone nishimiye abahise abatutsi mubihe byari bikomeye. Nabonye byinshi kandi nifuza kuganira na gatsinzi stephen kuko nabonye ariwe mwakoranye kururubuga hamwe na Murenzi. ndifuza ko azaza nkamwereka abantu benshi baturokoye ndavuga kuduhisha. nibura akamara iminsi 4 ku kibuye.
    ndabashimira kuko uru rubuga ruradufasha kumenya byinshi.

    • Jim Greenberg Says:

      English translation to response above…

      My name is Ndugu Paul i am residing in kibuye i saw your weblog and i was happy because it helped me very much and i was happy about those Hutus who tried to rescue Tutsi during difficulty times. I saw a lot of things and i need to have conversations with Gatsinzi Stephen because he is the one whom you worked together on your weblog with Murenzi Edmond. I need him to come and i saw him many people who rescued us by hiding us and he should stay at least four days at Kibuye for him to see all these people and to get all stories.
      I am grateful for this weblog because we learn a lot from it.

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