My name is MUKANDAMAGE BERNADETHE I am a citizen in this village of Mbuga nzeri but I was born in Butare but the Genocide started when I was here I am 76 years of age. I know how all started because they started making a lot of sounds noisy around the village of kwirebero, immediately a young girl came running I told her to come and enter my house and get a rest.
In the next day another one came in the morning hours and again another old woman but again she left and she came back in the next morning with two children I took them inside my house where my goats were being kept then a local leader came and told me and you and Kabengera they will come for you and they find you with them it is upon you. But I told him that they are not here but he insisted that clever and Domina they suspect them to be with you and the fact was that they were with me, I went in the garden while digging I saw them the Interahamwe heading to Kabengera and kicked the door saying open and if you don’t we are going to kill you, they opened and entered but they did not find anybody and immediately I went back to my home and told the woman to pass via behind door and straight to sorghum in the garden with the children.
The interahamwe came from Kamabuye but before reaching my home I told Domina that please keep on hiding I will tell you when to be back home and they continued and when I came back from the garden I organized food and water for them but the woman was un able to eat and she was pregnant and almost to deliver but unfortunately I failed to get them and I asked myself were they killed?  I said to God if I find Domina alive I will give you three hundred Francs (300frw) then I had to come back with the food I had prepared for them.
Domina went like that but with me I had a doubt saying that once she arrives at Kamabuye she will be killed! So we also went to Burundi to seek for a refugee and after the genocide while returning back to Rwanda and good enough I heard that Domina also returned and that she is at a place known as KWIREBERO and she invited me to pay a visit me and we greet one another and accepted her invitation and it was really a party on that very day when we met each other.
All of this that I was doing no body in the village or my neighbor knew that I had them in my house it was my secret because my husband had died.
GACACA is very good because those who killed others during 1994 genocide against the Tutsis they are punished and even imprisoned for the years in accordance to their crimes.
We are staying in good terms with our neighbors and the heritage that people had before it has been changed and we are now together.

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